In the landscape of open and decentralized protocols, governance can be as important as technical choices to the success of these digital ecosystems. Good governance invites equitable stakeholder engagement and informed decision-making. Today, Project Liberty Institute is pleased to announce the publication of a draft Governance Framework (v.1) for the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP).

Following the publication of the Mission and Principles, and the Specification Development Process, this governance framework builds a decision-making process to reinforce the fundamental principles driving the protocol.

DSNP Governance Framework consists of a Membership Agreement, DSNP Charter, and Working Group Charter. The framework’s core governance choices include:

  • Adoption of a Multistakeholder Governance Structure: While participants have differing interests based on their relationship to the protocol (including end users, businesses, technologists, and service providers), they all have stakes in its success. The governance model encompasses the entire project, including DSNP.
  • Open Membership and Participation: All individuals who align with the Mission and Principles are welcome to join and engage. There are no barriers to entry or participation fees (“no pay for play”).
  • Democratic Selection of the Steering Committee: The Steering Committee, responsible for governance and acting as the final point of appeal, is elected from the membership through Stakeholder Groups. These groups establish their own processes independently, free from external sponsorship influences.

You can find all relevant documents on, section “Governance and Evolution”, and you can be involved directly by providing feedback by email to or on the DSNP Forum.