The Decentralized Social Networking Protocol establishes a shared social graph that is no longer dependent on a specific application or a centralized platform.

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What's New


We're excited to officially announce collaboration between DSNP and the Beckn protocol as Project Liberty Foundation and Foundation for Interoperability in Digital Economy Partner to Build a Decentralized Digital Future.


We're publishing the initial draft of the DSNP Specification Development Process, as proposed by the Governance Working Group. Feedback and additions are welcome.


Psychologist Sara Wedeman shares the journey and research that brought her to an understanding that Decentralized Social Media is an Empowering Alternative to Today's Toxic Model, in the latest in our series of interviews with DSNP advisors.


The DSNP Governance Working Group (G-WG) has released its 2024 Roadmap for Governance Development.