As the year comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on our goals, our progress and our plans for the coming year. I’m proud to be part of Project Liberty Foundation, where we are building a powerful ecosystem for responsible technology including a next generation internet that is committed to individual agency, technology governance and economic opportunity for all. Reaching for this goal has guided both our progress and our future plans.

Creating a new ecosystem for ethical and open technology is no small task. However, we have made significant progress in 2023. In particular, we are proud of the thriving community we have built around the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP), an ethical open protocol and potential standard for social media. Building the DSNP community remains our top priority and we are working fervently to involve everyone even more in our progress and future plans.

Building a strong foundation is key to any global high-impact endeavor. Over the past year, we have been deeply engaged in ensuring we have the right mission – to embed community-driven ethical principles into all of our technology. We have also striven to collect the right people to realize this mission – including our team of subject experts, our interdisciplinary advisors and a strong tech community. We have worked diligently with all these stakeholders to align our principles including protecting human rights, giving customers choice, building open protocols where anyone may contribute, and building a truly decentralized community. This alignment of goals is a necessary piece of ensuring we are good stewards of the technology.

Our connection with our community continually makes us stronger. In 2023, we met regularly with our DSNP Advisors to work through various aspects of the protocol including ethics, use cases, specifications, governance and the ecosystem. We also scheduled regular open meetings with DSNP developers and community members to solicit suggestions and keep everyone up to date on our status. We also worked closely with partners, both in expanding existing relationships such as those with Harvard University, Stanford University and MIT, and soliciting new partnerships.

The solid foundation built in 2023 will serve us well in the coming year as we continue to co-create with our DSNP community. Top priorities include:

  • Continuing ethics-based stewardship of DSNP
  • Community-centric governance of the Protocol
  • Informing our development with evidence-based research via our relationships with top universities including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Georgetown and Sciences Po
  • Open collaboration and development of DSNP with the DSNP community
  • Community-driven use cases that demonstrate the power and utility of DSNP
  • Responsible, open, technology development as well as open source services and apps around DSNP
  • Cooperation with our ecosystem partners and community to ensure a people-first approach to the technology

I’d like to conclude by thanking all of you for your contributions to a better internet. I’m deeply grateful to all of you. With your help DSNP is stronger and better than ever before. Here’s to building upon the solid foundation we’ve wrought together in 2023 and to achieving even more in the coming year.